Banksia Florist works to source the very best products and freshest local flowers for our customers. We pride ourselves on this. However, we are dealing with an organic (and somewhat unpredictable) product and on rare occasions this product may not meet expectations.

Flower Care

You can generally expect your flowers to last from 4 – 7 days provided they are cared for correctly.

6 main steps will help your flowers to last longer:

  1. Stems should be cut on an angle with sharp scissors or secateurs (in or under running water if possible) as soon as you receive the flowers
  2. Ensure the vase that is used is clean and filled with fresh room temperature water
  3. Always keep an eye on the water levels and change the water completely every two days and recut the stems (this helps with the uptake of water)
  4. As some flowers last longer than others – remove any spent blooms, remove any leaves that may have fallen below the water line, as this will lead to bacteria growth in the vase water
  5. By keeping the flowers away from animals, drafts, heat pumps, direct heat, sunlight and also away from the fruit bowl will help extend the longevity of your blooms
  6. Boxed or vase arrangement, check the arrangement daily. Add water as needed, taking care not to overfill

If you feel the flowers have not lasted for at least three days let us know within this time by calling (03) 6331 5835. Once we are confident that they have been cared for as recommended, we will happy replace the flowers or provide with a gift voucher.

Please note that we may firstly request a photo of the flowers and surrounds and can only replace them if we are able to pick up the old flowers at the same time as we deliver the replacements. Replacement flowers will not be sent if the original goods have been disposed of or images have not been produced.

We are always available on (03) 6331 5835 to answer any of your concerns or questions regarding the care of your flowers.

Caring for Plants

– Keep in a well lit room, but out of direct sunlight

– Water approximately once a week

Indoor plants prefer to be kept out of direct sunlight, but thrive in a well lit room. They can dry out easily with heaters or air conditioners, so misting plants with water regularly will help create some humidity. The bathroom can be an ideal room to help increase moisture.

If a plant displays some yellowing in the leaves, it is generally a sign of over, or under watering. As a general rule, plants like to be watered once a week by watering over a sink, so that the water runs out of the drainage holes. The best way to tell is if you insert your finger into the potting mix – if it is damp, it won’t need watering. Always ensure that plants are able to drain any excess water away from the soil.


We do not offer refunds on orders cancelled within 24 hours of the delivery date. Cancellations can be made by emailing us at please include booking numbers. Refunds can only be made back the credit card or PayPal account that was used for the original purchase. Orders that are already created or out for delivery cannot be cancelled or refunded. Not this does not apply to Weddings and special orders – see quote for terms.

Wrong Address or Unable to access

If the delivery address supplied by the sender is incorrect we cannot accept any responsibility  – it is the responsibility of the customer to supply clear & accurate information when ordering. Redelivery on the same day is not always guaranteed.

If we are unable to gain access to the property due to locked gates or dogs or where delivery may be complicated (eg gated units, apartment blocks, CBD businesses) please try to give us as much detail as possible, including a contact number for the recipient

In the event that the product needs to be redelivered the sender will be contacted before the arrangement is redelivered & given the option to collect the arrangement from our store.

If Banksia is in anyway responsible for the redelivery , this redelivery fee will not apply.

Delivery and Unattended Deliveries / Authority to Leave

Peek periods – during peek periods such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas we may not be able to deliver in the chosen timeslot due to the high volume of deliveries. We always do our very best to ensure your order arrives in the selected time usually however during these peek periods cannot be guaranteed.

Banksia keep proof of delivery and do not take any responsibility for any loss, damage caused or theft due to being unattended. Banksia cannot be held responsible if delivery is left where instructed and the recipient does not receive them. (eg Front reception, or near the back door)

We will do our best to ensure the delivery is in a safe place out of the weather and from road view, if this is not possible the delivery will be returned to Banksia for collection, or a redelivery fee may apply. Banksia will not accept responsibility for flowers if they have been left out side all day. Flowers and chocolates are perishable, Many arrangements need to be kept out of direct sunlight in cooler environments for optimum enjoyment.

We ask that you provide clear & accurate instructions when placing an order. If delivering to a business we will deliver prior to 5pm weekdays. Please note- it is the senders responsibility to advise if the recipient will be leaving earlier that 5pm. We will do our best to accommodate where we can but can not give specific delivery times and confirmation notifications.


If delivery is to the hospital, delivery is left at the front desk. Hospital staff deliver to wards only. There are certain wards that do not accept flowers (eg Wards 3D, 5D, AMU and ICU) Please note they do accept balloons. Please ensure you contact the hospital to confirm the recipient hasn’t been transferred to one of these wards or discharged. If delivery is unable to be left at the hospital an additional delivery fee may be charged alternatively it can be collected from our Banksia by a family member.


Banksia can send alcohol as an add on to any order, it cannot be sold stand alone. Alcohol must accompany flowers, giftware or plants. If an order is placed online with alcohol on its own it will be refunded. When delivering  orders containing alcohol, we cannot leave them unattended, therefore someone must be at the receiving end to receive them. We contact the recipient to confirm someone 18 years old or over will be home to receive them.  Tasmanian Law states alcohol cannot be left unattended or with a minor.


Please take care with pets as some flowers can be harmful if consumed. Banksia take no responsibility for any harm that may be caused by pets ingesting our arrangements. Please make note at time of ordering that you would like a pet friendly bouquet/arrangement and we will do our very best to accommodate.

Pet Friendly Flowers
– Roses, Gerberas, Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Orchids, Natives & Alstroemeria

Flowers that can be TOXIC to animals
– Lilies, Tulips, Daffodils, Jonquils, Earlicheer, Hyacinths, Chrysanthemums, Disbud Chrysanthemums, Iris, Carnations, Dahlias, Gladiola and Hydrangea
plus many more

Some plants are higher in Toxins than others,
while some flowers may give your furbaby mild nausea, other flowers can cause seizures, breathing problems, liver failure just to name a few. If you feel your animal is showing any symptoms call your vet asap

Substitution and Seasonal Availability Policy

We reserve the right to make fair and reasonable substitutions due to seasonal availability. As a result, it may be necessary to substitute some or all of your flowers or change the colour palette using a mix of our freshest in-store blooms. It may be necessary to substitute vases or containers. Substitutions made are of equivalent value and quality.  Some flowers may be delivered in bud to provide longer enjoyment. However, we will always do our best and create a lovely product as close as possible to what you ordered. If there is something you would prefer we not use, please mention when ordering.

Florists Choice

If the Florists choice option has been chosen, you are accepting that we will fulfil your order using the freshest seasonal flowers available at the time. Where possible we do try to fulfil requests for specific flowers or colours, sometimes this isn’t possible. Banksia will not accept returns based on change of mind or design.

Card Messages

Banksia accepts no responsibility for card messages submitted online or over the phone being misspelled or incorrect. Please ensure correct spelling is given for names.

If you would like the recipient to know who sent the delivery please include your name in the card message. Note if the recipient calls we are unable to provide the sender information.

We print each card message, if you would like a note handwritten please ask.

Seasonal Weddings

Our Seasonal Weddings are the perfect option for couples on a budget that want to hand the design over us. Select the style of your florals and your colour scheme and we’ll pick the season’s best flowers to bring your bouquet to life.

We do not guarantee any specific flower but do our very best to accommodate special requests. Please note our website prices are for seasonal weddings only. If you have a specific request please contact us for a personalised quote.

If having an arbor/ plinth or reception flowers we urge you to allow us to deliver.

If you opt to collect from our store. – You acknowledge to transport them on an enclosed vehicle. Banksia Florist accept no responsibility for any flowers that may be damaged in transit or left in hot car once they are collected from our store. We take care to ensure they are boxed to travel well. Please be conscious of breaking suddenly if you have not secured flowers.
• Please add water to any foam arrangements when they are put in place to ensure they continue to drink.
• Remove Buttonholes from water tubes if used prior to use and wipe excess water before pinning to suits.
• Remove bouquets from vases gently, they are packed tightly for transport. Ensure stems are dried from excess water just prior to ceremony so dresses aren’t exposed to drips as watermarks may occur.

Any hired equipment needs to be returned within 7 days from your event unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any bonds charged will be refunded once hired goods are returned in original condition within 7 days.