Proudly serving up fresh and beautiful bouquets to Tasmanian’s for over 30 years.


One of Northern Tasmania’s most iconic florists wrapped and slapped a bow on its first bouquet more than thirty years ago. And for the last three decades, Newstead Flowers has been providing the freshest locally sourced flowers and the friendliest in-store service to customers all over Launceston.

In 2018 with a new face on the scene Newstead Flowers re-branded to Banksia Florist. That face belonged to Libby Calvert. Libby brought with her the design flair and creativity that has made Banksia Florist one of Tasmania’s most highly sought after florists.

While Banksia Florist may be wrapped in a shiny new name and complemented with a few stems of fresh modern flair, we’re still the same flower retailer thousands of happy customers have been flocking to for thirty years (when they forget their mum’s birthday and Coles is all out of Lindt Balls).


We still source the highest quality blooms from the finest local flower farms, because the only thing more important to us than giving Tasmanians gorgeous floral arrangements, is giving local businesses a mighty leg up.

We still offer the same blooming good service and friendly know-how, because our fab team of qualified florists pride themselves on their creative and innovative design skills.

And we still put together the perfect floral arrangement for every occasion, because, well, that’s just what we do.


So, why the fresh new look and feel? Because if you never change the water, the bouquet will never bloom (ok, unless they’re natives) and how can we be the best, most beautiful florist in the botanical biz if we don’t show ourselves the same TLC we show our flowers (and use elaborate floral metaphors in the process)? It’s simple, we can’t.

So, come into our florist and give our fresh cut flowers a sniff for yourself, or send a bunch to a friend – we’re going to impress the agapanthus off you either way.