The Gift That Keeps On Blooming

The Gift That Keeps On Blooming

Stuck for impressive gift ideas? Looking to give your clients a little love? Or just have a hole in your heart in the shape of a regular fresh flower delivery? Then a Banksia Florist Subscription is for you!

Starting from as little as $45, our subscriptions are the perfect solution to your gift-giving woes. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, a beloved client or just wanting to shower yourself in a little sweet-smelling love, we have an option that’ll tick all of your boxes and meet each of your budgets.

Every single one of our subscriptions comes with free delivery in the greater Launceston region and can be customised to match your desired frequency and duration. Always forget your wedding anniversary? Arrange an ongoing annual delivery of a dozen red roses. Want to schmooze your clients into staying on the books for another year? Organise a regular Christmas delivery. Schedule a bouquet of pink lilies on your mum’s birthday for the next year.

Whatever your floral dreams are, we can make them happen.