Mantul Mini Heat Pack

Mantul Mini Heat Pack



Filled with premium WA wheat with cotton cover.

Unscented- subtle and nice wheat fragrance

Recommended to use as cold pack to help reduce puffiness and eye bag or simply just give comfort to your eyes.

Or as heat pack to increase blood flow hence promote restorations, repair/renew any injured or damage cells and also believe to reduce stress and ease headache.

 Heating instruction:

Cold pack: put in zip lock bag and freeze it.

Heat pack: Simply put the heat pack evenly on a clean plate and heat it in microwave.

700-900w 15secs. 900-1000w 10secs. Then 5secs increments until the desired heat is reached. Max up to 120secs. Remember to use only gentle heat as eyes are delicate and sensitive.

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A natural way to give your eyes the comfort they deserved. Alternatively, it can be mini heat pack or hand warmer. Perfect for tried eyes from long exposure to screen (office work, studying or gaming), puffed eyes from crying your eyes out or lack of sleep.